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“Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell

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“Everyday Survival” by Laurence Gonzales

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“Testimony: A Novel” by Anita Shreve

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“Against Medical Advice” by James Patterson

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“Lords of Corruption” by Kyle Mills

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“The Currents of Space” by Isaac Asimov

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“A Separate Country” by Robert Hicks

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“Beautiful Creatures”

             by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

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“The Lyonesse Trilogy” by Jack Vance:

Lyonesse, Book 1: Suldrun’s Garden

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Lyonesse, Book 2: The Green Pearl

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Lyonesse, Book 3: Madouc

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“The Laws of Our Fathers” by Scott Turow

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“The Devil’s Redhead” by David Corbett

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“Giant Robo”

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“Sadamitsu the Destroyer”

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“The Gokusen”

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“Magic Users Club”

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“Ah My Goddess”

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“Twin Signal”

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“Shrine of the Morning Mist”

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“Samurai Deeper Kyo”

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Music Recording
 Kevin T. Collins - “Crossing to Safety”
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“Law & Order” - Season 16

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“Law & Order ” - Season 17

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Video Games
“Red Dead Redemption”
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